Find Out What Theme Any Shopify Store Is Using

If you ever come across a Shopify store that you like and wonder about the theme they are using. Well, follow the steps below and check the theme id data to find out the theme

  • Visit the store website
  • Right-click on the page and select inspect. This will open up the inspector tool
  • When the inspector is open, make sure that you have selected the console by checking the top right bar
  • Type in Shopify.theme while on the console to get the theme store ID
  • Input the theme store id into the box below to get the name of the theme
  • When you check on the console and the theme_store_id returns null or empty. This is because the store uses a customized theme, not the Shopify theme store. In this case, you can only kindly reach out to the store and ask for their help.

Input Theme ID into this box